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“We are creative. We are communicators.
We are marketers. We are Media MICE.

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Reporting _ Coverage 01

Reporting & Coverage

At the heart of our company, we are journalists. And now with PIE and CAKE magazine online, we are covering the industry from front to back, anterior to posterior. Our sponsored articles and interviews are one of the best ways to reach out to the global community on a particular topic, at a particular time. And, of course, timing is everything.

  • Articles
  • Interviews
  • Press releases
  • Symposium coverage
  • Webinar and digital event coverage
Direct Marketing _ Outreach 01

Direct Marketing & Outreach

Media MICE’s robust database of ophthalmologists worldwide, organically collected from a decade of attending global conferences, is a great way to spread your news to the global industry. Our custom-tailored eblasts and newsletters, created by our team of expert writers, can help get that news out in the best form possible.

  • Global & Regional databases
  • Eblasts
  • Newsletters
Custom Publications 01

Custom Publications

Media MICE’s writing team can put the same high-quality writing and reporting expertise that goes into PIE and CAKE (maybe minus the funkiness) into professional, custom-built publications and content-offerings for your company. Our supplements have been utilized by the top companies in the field, with fantastic feedback. Our show dailies or (congress newspapers) are on-the-spot newspapers which cover some of the biggest conferences in the world, day-to-day, on-site.

  • Supplements
  • Show dailies
  • Fully customized publications
  • Marketing materials
Advertising 01


The classic way to feature new products, services or events for your company:Place an ad on our sites, show dailies or in our globally recognized publications.

  • Websites
  • PIE Magazine
  • CAKE Magazine
  • Show dailies
Medical Writing 01

Medical Writing

Our team of medical writers produces high-quality white papers and manuscripts, as well as editing services. Plus, once finished, we take care of all the requirements to submit them to world class scientific journals.

  • Peer-reviewed Manuscripts
  • Scientific posters
  • Brochures
PR 01


Not only do we report on the news, we can also help you share your latest announcements with the greater market. Backed by more than 10 years of experience in public relations, services include press release drafting and distribution, product pitching and relationship building, as well as placing KOL interviews in targeted publications for increased company exposure.

  • Press releases
  • Media relations
  • KOL development
Videos 01


Our video services have been used to interview the industry’s top KOL’s and cover the most important ophthalmology symposiums in the world. Our professional video skills are available both in person and virtually.

  • Symposium coverage
  • KOL interviews
  • On-site coverage
  • Informative animated videos
Additional Digital Services 01

Additional Digital Services

Media MICE offers a number of specialized services to help our clients be more effective at promoting themselves in an increasingly digital landscape. We are open to a wide range of options considering the following services:

  • Webinar production and promotion services
  • Social media services
  • Website/App specific content
  • Multimedia articles
  • AR (Augmented Reality)
Webinar package 01

Webinar package

Media MICE has started offering all-encompassing webinar services,
in a time of digital meet-ups. Our full webinar package includes the

  • Conducting webinars – providing the platform, moderating the
    session, coordinating slides, audio and videos with Q&A and managing
  • Promoting webinars via eblast and social media – helping inform
    potential audiences with our vast database
  • Video/article summary of webinar – a video/written recap of the session
    to summarize the content for your attendees
  • We are happy to customize our webinar services to your needs. Please
    inquire for details and pricing
Sponsored publication downloads 01

Sponsored publication downloads

This service greatly assists with custom publication and white paper
promotion and increased visibility. The Media MICE team will help
you create your specified publication with our expert writing team.
All white papers will go to our PIE/CAKE ebook publications, as well as
being placed prominently on our PIE/CAKE websites. Additionally, we
will send out the white paper to our vast database as a downloadable

Please inquire for pricing and details.

Infographic creation and distribution 01

Infographic creation and distribution

Media MICE’s graphic design team will develop and create a custom,
highly-designed infographic to display a client’s product, issue or
dataset. Once approved, Media MICE will promote digitally, via e-blast,
social media promotion and displayed on our CAKE or PIE websites
and magazines.
Please inquire for pricing information

Social media content creation and promotion 01

Social media content creation and promotion

Media MICE’s funky, high-caliber writing style is perfectly suited for
content via social media platforms. Our writing team can help craft
content for your feeds that is tailored to your specific needs and
style. Our campaign management process makes sure that both the
targeting and timing are reaching the right audiences at the right
Please inquire for details and pricing.

Informative animated video 01

Informative animated video

Sometimes the best method to deliver large amounts of information
in an understandable way is via an informative animated video. These
videos can utilize the medium to really deliver the info in a visual and
accessible manner. Our team can create videos to help you break
down processes or support new product launches.
Please inquire for more information

Deep dive explanatory multimedia article 01

Deep-dive explanatory multimedia article

This service represents Media MICE’s most concerted covering and
writing on a single topic. The topic is explored in a fully-endeavored
process by our writing team and reporters. Then, the article is written
and discussed amongst the full editorial team. A variety of multimedia
images and inputs are utilized to assist the article’s explanation. After,
the article is promoted via eblast, social media and posted on the
CAKE or PIE sites.
Please inquire for more information and pricing.

Product launch package 01

Product launch package

This package is designed to assist our clients with creating the most
visibility possible for a new product entering the market. We use a
thorough consultative process and tailor each package depending on
the goals of the clients, concerning the launch.
Each package varies. Please inquire for more information and pricing.